Spandex Mens G-string and Anal Plugs

Spandex Mens G-string and Anal Plugs

Wearing a Spandex mens G-string is one of those acquired tastes for a lot of men. Some guys just can’t handle having a string stuck between their ass cheeks while others simply can’t live without it. The best thing is when you purchase a G-string that has the ability to use an anal plug while wearing it. Those are the types of G-strings that most guys will tell you they aren’t interested in even while they are wearing them in front of you. Even if you don’t like things like that, you are still going to love wearing a G-string.

Your Spandex mens G-string decision shouldn’t be all that hard for you to come to. All you have to do is take a look around at all the sexy styles that are available and you should want to wear at least one of them. Just make sure that you don’t put it on and walk out the door unless you are comfortable wearing it. You will start to get a lot of strange looks from the people you are walking past, especially while you are trying to maneuver that string out of your butt crack without trying to make it noticeable to others. Now, that can be pretty entertaining for those watching, though.



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Spandex mens g-string suit showing off ass by Nice rear cock show

Spandex mens g-string suit showing off ass by

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