Where to Wear my Spandex Mens Gstring


If you haven’t had the experience of wearing a Spandex mens Gstring, then you really need to. This is probably one of the best things I have ever tried on in my life and I would like to think that others in the world enjoy them as well. I know that there has to be guys wearing them simply because of the amount of designs that are being offered these days, but I never get to see any of them. Maybe if I lived near a beach, then I would get a chance to see a few of them out in public.

Living in a place that doesn’t have a beach where that I can take my Spandex mens Gstring out to show off has been rather tiresome for me. I have a great body to show off but walking around in town in a Gstring would probably end up with me getting arrested or people thinking I was a crazy homeless guy. Since I don’t want either of those things to happen, I will have to be content with wearing them around the house and while I am tanning at the salon. Maybe I should go to the beach for a vacation one of these days.

I still enjoy wearing my Spandex mens Gstring even if I don’t really have anywhere to show them. I have thought about starting up a swimwear party thing once a month but I don’t think my friends would be interested in something like that. They are used to having bonfires out in the woods with lots of beer and stuff so wearing sexy swimwear probably wouldn’t be something that they would enjoy. I think I need to focus on making some new friends, some that like the same things I like and are willing to be a little more adventurous these days. Then I can have the best of both worlds.


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Showing off the Good Stuff with a Spandex Mens Gstring

Showing off the Good Stuff with a Spandex Mens Gstring

What better item to use in showing off your total package than a Spandex mens Gstring? These garments used to be worn almost exclusively by women, especially those women that engaged in such careers as exotic dancing otherwise known as strippers. These were worn in the more discreet gentlemen’s clubs along with pasties that covered their nipples. For some reason, that kept them from being completely naked.

These days, Gstrings are made for men just as much as for women. In fact, men enjoy wearing Gstrings as underwear. Many say that it makes them feel as if they’re not wearing anything at all underneath their clothes. They love that feeling of freedom even though they’re wearing a slight bit of fabric covering their cocks and balls. A Spandex mens Gstring is the perfect item to wear if you love the sensation of going commando but without actually doing it.

Other men enjoy wearing the swimsuits made in the Gstring style. Of course, in order to actually be able to wear these in public, you’ll probably need to find a clothing optional beach. Otherwise, you’ll most likely be asked to leave the beach until you’ve covered up a bit more of your body. That’s why you’ll need to go prepared by carrying along either a beach cover up of some sort or another swimsuit that can be slipped over your Gstring suit. This is true whether it’s a Spandex mens Gstring or some other fabric.

Speaking of Spandex, this is one of the best materials that you can use when you want a swimsuit or a workout suit. It molds to your body without drooping when it gets wet and makes you look like the sexiest guy on the beach. Of course, there are other fabrics used to created mens Gstrings, but the Spandex ones seem to make you look the most seductive than any of the other ones.

Adjusting to the Spandex Mens G-string

Adjusting to the Spandex Mens G-string

I started wearing a Spandex mens G-string about two years ago and have been highly impressed with the comfort that it offers. I wasn’t exactly sure if I could handle having that string in between my cheeks all day long, but after a few hours you forget that its even there. The freedom that you can feel while wearing something like this is well worth the initial annoyance of having something riding up your butt. Not only is the comfort great, but the attention that you can get while walking around on a beach is pretty nice as well.


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I know that not every guy out there is going to want to wear a Spandex mens G-string, but I would strongly suggest giving them a try. You can wear it around your house for the first time so that you can get better acquainted with the way it feels. Also, you won’t be embarrassed as much when you have to adjust it out in public. That is the way I got used to wearing mine and now I don’t even think about it when I put it on. You will get used to wearing them if you have the willpower to follow through with it.

Just make sure that the beaches you are planning on visiting will allow you to wear a Spandex mens Gstring before you get there. There was a beach that I used to go to all the time that got a bit upset when I walked out onto the sand in my Gstring and I was asked to leave or cover myself up. I can understand why they wouldn’t want certain types of swimwear to be shown, but I wanted to wear them so I found another beach that I could frequent in my Gstring and I have been going to that one ever since.