Finally Discovering a Spandex Mens Gstring


Wearing my spandex mens gstring to work has been something that I enjoy lately and I’m not exactly sure why. I wouldn’t normally wear anything like this out in public because I keep feeling like I need to dig it out of my butt, but having it on while I’m working has been quite exciting for me. I don’t know if it is the fact that I am wearing something most of the guys I work with would never wear that excites me or if it is the possibility that I might get caught wearing one that is exciting.

Either way, wearing my spandex mens gstring has brought me a moment of happiness in my life that I truly needed. I was just about to give up on everything in my life when I found a site that had some of these gstrings to offer and was amazed at what they were being made from these days.  I never would have thought that spandex would be such a widely used material when I first heard about it all those years ago, and now I am wearing gstring made from it while I walk around the office. Simply crazy.

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be wearing spandex mens gstrings, I would have laughed in your face. I never thought that wearing something like this was something that a guy like me would be doing, but here I am doing it. The funny thing is that I truly do enjoy the feeling of having something like this on and my only regret is that I didn’t start enjoying it much sooner in my life. If I would have been aware, I wouldn’t have waited until I was nearly 50 years old to get out there and start enjoying my life.


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Feeling Liberated with a Spandex Mens G-string


My Spandex mens G-string is one item that I simply can’t go without for more than a couple of days at a time. I don’t know what it is about it that makes me love it so much, but I do. I love wearing something that I know most other guys out there aren’t wearing on a regular basis. I have tried not wearing my gstring for a week once and I could tell the difference in my mood and physical happiness rather quickly. That is when I decided to purchase more Gstrings so that I could have one for every day.

If you haven’t tried wearing Spandex mens G-string designs in the past, then you are definitely missing out on something grand. You will never get to understand the feeling of walking around in the office with your Gstring pulling in all the right places or how exciting it can be when you hook up with someone and they see it for the first time. Not everyone is going to like the fact that you are wearing a Gstring, but there are plenty of people that will like it and want to see you wearing it all the time.

My partner is one of the people that showed me how wearing a Spandex mens G-string can change my life for the better. He taught me to go out in life and do the things that make me happy rather than conforming to what the rest of the world thought should make me happy. We are all individuals, after all, and we need to make decisions for our own personal happiness that others may or may not understand. Once I realized this; it was pretty easy for me to wear a Gstring all day which, in turn, ended up giving me the happiness that I had been missing in my life.


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Adjusting to Wearing a Spandex Mens Gstring


Wearing a Spandex mens gstring for the first time was rather difficult for me. I wasn’t used to wear a gstring so going to work that day was rather embarrassing for me. I felt like I was being stared at by everyone that I walked by and it was all I could do to not try to pull my gstring out of my butt crack. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to actually pull it out, but it was starting to irritate me a bit and I felt like I was walking a bit funny, which is why everyone was staring at me.

After wearing my Spandex mens gstring for a bit, I realized that no one was actually staring at me and it was all in my head. I can walk around all over town now without feeling like I am a freak. Actually, I feel sexier than ever these days because I have my gstring on and even if everyone was staring at me, it wouldn’t really matter all that much. I can play it off like they are simply jealous of how great I look and that will help me get through the day with a smile.

I would suggest wearing your Spandex mens gstring around the house for a few hours before going out in public with it, though. Take the time to get used to the way it feels and you shouldn’t have any issues when you are finally walking around other people. It will feel strange to you at first, but that is completely natural if you aren’t used to having something like this on. Once you do get used to them, though, you won’t feel comfortable wearing any regular underwear that you might have been used to in the past. I can’t wear any of my boxers now because they feel strange compared to what I have been wearing.


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Hot Places to Wear Spandex Mens Gstring

Hot Places to Wear Spandex Mens Gstring

I love wearing my mens Spandex Gstring every chance I get, which is almost every day now. I started out simply wearing it as swimwear out on the beach or by my own pool, but have grown so fond of it that I decided to wear it other places. I tried going to the mall wearing it and was asked to leave before I even got through the doors. The fast food restaurant down the street wasn’t very happy about my choice of clothing when I was standing in line, either. But that made me think of different ways that I could wear my Gstring.

I have some of the shortest and sexiest shorts you could ever imagine and I love wearing my Spandex mens Gstring under them and going out. Since I am wearing shorts, technically, they can’t really say anything about it when I walk into a place of business. Of course, then I can hike the straps of my Gstring up over my hips and show them off to the world. I feel just like all those sexy ladies in those rap videos when I am dressed up like that and really enjoy the looks that I get from other people.


I know that wearing a Spandex mens Gstring isn’t for every guy out there, but I highly enjoy it. Since I don’t have one of those jobs that requires me to wear custom suits or anything, I can get away with enjoying my life in my Gstring. I feel bad for anybody out there that isn’t allowed to wear what makes them happiest in life, but I understand the need for professionalism in the workplace. I would probably still wear my Gstring under those power suits, though, if I had a job that required me to be professional like that. I bet there are quite a few guys that are doing just that right this very second and I find that extremely sexy.


Wearing and Loving a Spandex Mens Gstring

Wearing and Loving a Spandex Mens Gstring

I have been wearing a Spandex mens Gstring for the better part of a year now and I must say that I am highly impressed with the comfort it offers. I never really thought I would be the type of guy that would be walking around wearing something like this but, as it turns out; I think I am exactly that type of guy. The first couple of days were a bit interesting walking around in a Gstring, but they got better the more I wore it and I was finally able to feel comfortable with it on under my clothes.

The first time I went to work wearing my Spandex mens Gstring, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to contain my excitement. I just knew I was going to mess things up by showing everyone in the office what I had on under my clothes. It’s a good thing that I work with a bunch of perverts, though; as they wouldn’t really care all that much if I was wearing something like this. As it was, I didn’t show off my Gstring and I was able to relax a bit more the next day when I did it all over again.


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If you are interested in trying out something that is going to make you feel sexy, then a Spandex mens Gstring is the item for you. You can’t imagine just how sexy I feel while I am walking around in my Gstring knowing that no one around me is aware of what I have on. It’s one of those secrets that you will absolutely love keeping to yourself, but also one that you are going to need share with someone special at some point in time. When you get the chance for that to happen, then you will know that the fun is just beginning for you.


Adjusting to Wearing a Spandex Mens Gstring

Adjusting to Wearing a Spandex Mens Gstring

If you are looking to start wearing a Spandex mens Gstring, then you need to realize that you are going to be walking around with the back of your suit riding up into your ass. I knew about this, but wasn’t aware of how it was going to affect my life, especially when I decided to wear it to work for the very first time. I would suggest you don’t do what I did if this is your first time putting something like this on, though. If you have worn them in the past, then there really isn’t a reason for you to be worrying about it so much.

Most of the Spandex mens Gstring options that you will find in retail stores are going to be mass produced in some foreign country and won’t come close to fitting you the way you would want it to. But if you are smart enough to find a good site online, then you will end up finding all the designs that you could ever hope for and find the ones that are actually going to fit you properly in the process. It’s very important that you find one that fits you properly or you won’t enjoy it very much.

I have been wearing Spandex mens Gstring items for a very long time now, and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to wear anything else these days. There is no reason that you can’t feel the same way about your Gstrings that I do with mine if you are willing to put the effort into finding the right ones. It’s going to take some getting used to when looking for these items, but that all part of the fun as you will find out. Then you will get to enjoy wearing your Gstring every day for the rest of your life.

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Getting Used to your Spandex Mens G-string

Spandex Mens G-string

Getting Used to your Spandex Mens G-string

Wearing a Spandex mens G-string is something that you are going to have to prepare yourself for on a mental level. This isn’t like wearing typical underwear at all and having that string between your butt cheeks is going to end up feeling a bit uncomfortable at times. Once you have worn it for a few days, though, you will get used to it and it won’t annoy you anymore. But getting yourself to that point is going to take all the effort you can put into it. Don’t give up, though, and you will find the happiness that is waiting for you on the other side.

I started wearing my first Spandex mens G-string while I had a few days off from work. That way I could get used to wearing it and not walk around the office trying to pull the string out of my butt. I was able to wear it to work and not have any problems at all, but a lot of guys aren’t that lucky. If you don’t get a couple of days off in a row, then you might want to consider wearing your G-string when you get off work until you get up in the morning. Then change into your regular underwear until you are used to your G-string.


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To Wear or Not to Wear a Spandex Mens G-string

Spandex mens g-string extreme suits by cock display wear

Spandex mens g-string extreme suits by

To Wear or Not to Wear a Spandex Mens G-string

You really have to be a special kind of man in order to wear Spandex mens G-string swimwear. I, however, am not one of those special types of men. I tried wearing a G-string once and found it to be exceptionally uncomfortable and very difficult to pull off and still look manly. Now there are a lot of men that can wear these designs and be just as manly as ever, but when it comes to me, all I kept trying to do was pull that string out of my butt. There isn’t a man alive that can do that and still look manly.

The Spandex mens G-string designs that have recently come out look really sexy on guys that have the bodies for them. I have seen plenty of guys out on the beach by my house walking by wearing them and they look good; that’s for sure. But I am a bit too self-conscious about things not fitting right and I know I couldn’t wear them and get the same attention that those sexy guys are getting. Maybe someday there will be a design that will fit for someone like me, but until then, I will simply have to accept just looking at other guys wearing them.

Trying out Spandex Mens G-string Bikinis

Trying out Spandex Mens G-string Bikinis

If you are going to be wearing Spandex mens G-string styled swimwear, then you need to make sure that you have your body hair shaved. There is nothing on this planet worse than seeing a hairy man wearing something that isn’t hiding anything from view. If you don’t wax your body, then you should consider starting if you are going to wear that out in public. You will also find that it’s much more comfortable to wear when you don’t have hair getting caught in it every time you take a step while you are walking.

If you do have your body hair under control, then wearing Spandex mens G-string swimwear isn’t going to be much of an issue for you. You can pull them on and head out to the beach without a single worry running through your mind. Of course, you will need to make sure they are allowed on the beach you are going to. If they aren’t allowed, then it could turn into a rather embarrassing moment in your life when you are asked to take your sexy self back home and never return because of the complaints you are getting. Just keep in mind that not everyone wants to see you wearing a G-string and you’ll be okay.


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Trying Out a Spandex Mens Gstring

Trying Out a Spandex Mens Gstring

Most people think of a Gstring as something that exotic dancers wear when on stage letting others see a lot without seeing absolutely everything. These days, there are many guys that enjoy wearing a Spandex mens Gstring when they head out to the beach. In this way, they show everything except that mysterious package that they’re carrying around in the front of their bodies. Others observing men wearing this style of swim suit tend to love what they see as long as the guys wearing them are in decent shape.

While there may be a lot of interest in trying out a Spandex mens Gstring, these aren’t made for all men or all body types. There’s no nice way to say it, but if you’re pretty overweight and flabby, please don’t wear one of these Gstrings in public. Not only will you shock onlookers, but you will probably be laughed at as they point and snicker behind their hands. When you put on your mens Gstring for the first time, spend some time in front of a full length mirror and be brutally honest about how you look. Your decision to appear in public or not should be made then.


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